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SMART CALF REARING CONFERENCE Dear attendees, healthy dairy calves are the future of the milking herd. Thus when developing rearing solutions focused on animal welfare and nutrition, it is increasingly important to know the natural needs of calves, to take them seriously and to implement modern innovations and management solutions. This requires a very close […]

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Using Colostrum Replacer to Prevent Protocol Drift

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Using Colostrum Replacer to Prevent Protocol Drift *Post contributed by Dr. Adam Geiger, Research Nutritionist | Lactation Physiologist | Calf Technical Consultant, Zinpro Corporation Just about every producer globally understands the importance of colostrum to the newborn calf. Most producers also know how important well-defined protocols are to calf performance and health. However, I have […]

Success Tips

Top 10 Tips for Success with Autofeeders


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Group housing systems for calves are gaining rapid acceptance in the dairy industry as a means to enhance animal welfare, enable more “biologically normal” feeding of preweaned dairy calves and provide an environment whereby calves can be “managed” by skilled personnel. Read more…

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