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Let's do what's best for your calves

Hi, I’m Dr. Bob James… and welcome to the Calf Blog. In partnership with Foerster Technik, our goal is to help you better manage your calf program with practical solutions that you can use to improve calf health plus create a more efficient and cost-effective calf program. Before we get down to business, a little bit about my background.

I am a retired Dairy Science professor at Virginia Tech, and my primary interest was and continues to be the early development of dairy calves. My passion lies in bridging the gap between research and practical use on the farm. During my time at Tech, I raised elite pedigree jersey heifers at home. In my spare time, I also had a consulting business, bringing dairy nutrition and health information from the research farm directly to the family farm. I also found it valuable to bring my experiences of my clients back to the classroom and to use these experiences to identify future research needs. In addition, I’ve been fortunate to work with dairies across North America and globally. It has been a great opportunity to learn from others and to realize the value of a successful calf program to the profit and sustainability of the dairy. I look forward to sharing my on-farm experiences, observations and research to help you grow your calf program into the success I know it can become.

Until Next time…Let’s do what is best for your calves!

Bob James – Calf Blogger

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